Coming Home: Chapter 6


Coming Home: Chapter 6

April 18, 2012.  Colton's final days were counting down as he cleared Texas and his 1st CAV brothers.  The rambling man was following a trail that would lead to his final destination on the “south side of heaven.”

Colton’s thoughts were racing through his mind at about the same pace as the hemi motor that thrusted his truck over the next horizon.  He had just returned from his final combat mission and was making plans to transition back to a civilian life.  A true warrior; he was returning to a civilian society in which many have lost the concept of code, ethos and brotherhood.  The journey home would prove to be fatal.      

I worried about Colton’s ability to adjust fire. Colton was a leader who always focused on taking care of his men and the mission. The battlefield does not allow for much insight into your internal struggles.  This reality was evidenced by the fact that Colton’s suicide sent shockwaves through his military brothers.  They didn’t see it coming. 

Colton kept his feelings in check; he was not one for sharing his woes with others. After all, he was the oldest sibling in his family and they looked up to him.  He was a brother to many and a friend who never failed the ones he cared about.  Steadfast in commitment and honor; his soul was kind and true. 

What would be Colton’s trigger point that sent him down a path of no return?  What could cause this young man to decide that death was the only way to end his pain?  He had plans, he had opportunities…but moreover, he was loved. 

Colton’s final journey continues..