We Can - We Will

Almost immediately after Sergeant Derr’s suicide, his family began discussions about how to turn this tragedy into something less painful…something that would honor him: The Sergeant Colton Levi Derr Foundation.

What do we do? We honor Sergeant Derr by assisting his fellow military brothers/sisters who need someone who will listen; someone who understands the battles they face.

We advocate for our returning veterans to ensure the decision makers and the public are aware of the demons associated with PTSD and veteran suicide.

Many veterans need financial assistance, legal assistance, advocates and folks who will LISTEN to them without judgement. A BATTLE BUDDY.

We listen to those Warriors who need a Battle Buddy; there is not much we won’t do.....the list continues.

  • Multiple public/media events to address veteran issues

  • Discussions on veteran policies with congressional leadership

  • We listen to veterans and their families and help guide them to a path of HOPE 

  • Paid travel expenses for a caregiver who needed to stay with her warrior husband at Walter Reed Medical Center

  • Assisted with funeral expenses for fallen warriors who were no longer active duty

  • Paid legal expenses 

  • Paid travel expenses for a veteran to get a Service Dog 

  • Paid security deposit and rent for a veteran family

  • Bought a veteran a car so he could continue to work following his treatment program

  • Paid vehicle repair bills  

  • Assisted a veteran who needed to get his car out of repossession

  • Moved a veteran family from one home to another

  • Worked with vets from a VA PTSD program (equine therapy) 

  • Bought winter clothes for veterans at VA facility treatment program

  • Provided multiple veterans and their families with options and financial assistance